"Ice therapy is part of every elite athlete's training program.  To minimize strain and soreness, it is imperative to cool muscles and tendons down.  CoolAid quickly pulls heat away from the body.  Effective, easy to use and no mess.  These products are part of my everyday program."

Sabrina Ketcham

2 Time The American Rodeo Qualifier, 2016 First Round Winner of The American Qualifier Rodeo, Fort Worth Arena Record Holder, 2013 Wrangler National Finals, 2013 Million Dollar Tour Champion


"We have been using CoolAid Bandanas and Wraps with Maise over the summer at all of our events.  The bandanas have been fantastic and help keep her cool as she waits to jump.  I am amazed at how well they work.  I have also used the wraps on her legs during the summer after events to help with any healing.  One day, she somehow managed to get a toe stuck on the edge of the dock, and came up lame afterwards.  I quickly wrapped her foot with a cold wrap and she was back and ready to jump with no lameness a couple of hours later!  I love these products and recommend them to all of our fellow  competitors!"

Sharon Lynch & Maise, The Leaping Lunatic