Q.  Why do my products feel dry after leaving them in the freezer overnight?  

A.  CoolAid products cool by using the evaporation process, in the freezer, if products are not in a tightly sealed bag, products will evaporate naturally.  Make sure to only freeze for a maximum of 2 hours, if longer, please make sure to place the products in a seal bag.

Q.  My products feel that they are not cooling like they used to.  What is going on?

A.  We highly recommend washing the products upon arrival and continue washing the products every so often after using.  Since there are no chemicals in our products and the cooling technology works through the evaporation process, it is imperative to keep the fibers clean.  To wash, use cold water and detergent only.  No fabric softener or sheets.

Q.  My leg wraps feel warm after 20 minutes when just using water.  

A.  When using just water, we recommend pulling the wraps off after 10 minutes and checking the dampness and shaking again to get air moving through the material.  Our wraps are designed to help cool the leg quickly.  If more cooling is needed, rewet and start the process over again or try to get the products into a freezer if possible.  If this isn't possible, you can also place the wraps in ice and water to add more cooling.

Q.  Can I use liniments with CoolAid Wraps?

A.  Absolutely, but we recommend washing after several times of using the liniment, because it will coat the fibers and decelerate the cooling process.  Just rinse the wraps well if you don't have access to a washing machine.