About us


“Not All Athletes Are Human”

The creation of our products is all thanks to a wonderful horse, named Linc. Linc is without a doubt, the most talented equine athlete that we have ever come across. He could do things with his body that even a world champion gymnast couldn’t do. Even with all his athletic ability, he also had his share of injuries. Icing and cooling became a major part of Linc’s day-to-day program, after trying multiple products we were still not getting the results we needed. We wanted a product that was easy to use, durable and efficient. That’s when we discovered Coolcore. Coolcore’s award winning technology allows the material to be able to freeze to provide icing or just wet to provide cooling. Coolcore’s material is also 100% chemical free and is very durable, allowing it to be machine washed and never lose the cooling effect.

Having moved from Wyoming, or as my husband would say “just shy of the North Pole”, to Arizona we realized how important efficient cooling products were to not only our horses but also our dogs. With temperatures reaching the triple digits, our animals would often over heat and need cooling down. Our family knew we needed to do something to help our pets, thus Coolaid was born. With Coolcore’s material we were able to design extremely lightweight, durable and easy to use products that not only the pets love, but also the owners too.